Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Members Profile

Do Bong-soon was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is hereditary and passed along only to the women in her family. Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. She desperately wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush, In Guk-doo, a police officer. Thanks to her strength, she gets the job of a bodyguard, to a rich heir Ahn Min-hyuk , the CEO of a gaming company, Ainsoft. Contrary to Guk-doo, Min-hyuk is an odd man who is playful, a little spoiled, has no regard for rules, and dislikes policemen.


Life and career[ edit ] — Early life and career beginnings[ edit ] Yoona was born on May 30, [1] in Yeongdeungpo-gu of Seoul , South Korea. Her family consists of her father and an older sister by five years.

Jun 03,  · They called the police and the wayward ex-wife of Saudi Crown Prince and deputy prime minister Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz – who is second-in-line to the Saudi throne – was stopped as her extensive luggage was being bundled into a fleet of limousines.

Dance, Acting, Swimming Casted: September 22, Zodiac Sign: Hyoyeon is ambidextrous, she actively use both of her left hand and right hand. Hyoyeon collects cute, colorful stationery and stickers. She hits people and tell secrets when drunks. In , she enrolled in Winners Dance School, a famous dance school in South Korea specializing in popping, locking, animation and various other hip-hop styles. Besides Hip -hop dance, Hyoyeon also learned Jazz and Latin dance.

Main Vocalist Date of Birth: April 18, Zodiac Sign: Korea Kent Foreign School K. Jessica was born in San Francisco, California. After street-casted by SM Entertainment when she was 11 year-old, she and her family moved to South Korea.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Members Profile

Production[ edit ] The music video is directed by Cho Soo-hyun, who also directed the music video for Psy’s follow-up single ” Gentleman ” and the music video for ” This Love ” by Shinhwa. He wears several distinctive suits and black sunglasses with a mindset of “dress classy and dance cheesy”. It features a “skewering [of] the Gangnam image” by the “non-Gangnam Psy”; this parody would be recognizable to viewers familiar with Korean culture.

The sauna scene, elevator scene and bathroom scene were filmed elsewhere in the greater Seoul region , [8] and some shots were filmed in World Trade Center Seoul and the Songdo International Business District , which includes Songdo Central Park and International Business District Station. His moves were ridiculous.

The Prime Minister and I (Yoona SNSD & Yoon Si Yoon) Personal Taste (Lee Min Ho) Poseidon (Choi Si Won Suju & Lee Si Young) Twenty Years Old (Lee Gi Kwang Beast) 1,th Year Dating (Hwang Seung Eon, Kang Seung Yoon & Kim Jin Woo Winner)* Sound of .

Seluruh membernya juga udah punya tugas masing-masing, ada yang membangunkan member saat pagi hari, ada yang masak, dan lain-lain. Mereka juga sepertinya jogging tiap hari untuk menjaga kesehatan tubuh. Secara…, jadwal mereka khan sibuk banget. Sekarang kita bahas mereka satu persatu, Oceh?? Dia ini dikenal sebagai leader yang lemah lembut, sampe-sampe dia di panggil si dubu a.

Onew di panggil dubu gara2 doi tuh orangnya putih dan lemah lembut kayak tahu. Emang agak sedikit unik sih…. Selain itu, nie cowok juga terkenal banget dengan segala kegaringannya. Seluruh member bakal membatu kalo dia udah garing.. Sampai pada akhirnya, anak2 shinee ngasi nama kondisi ini sebagai Onew condition, Giling! Dan yang bikin q seneng ama ni personil adalah….. Dia ntuh bisa pertahanin nilainya di sekolah dan rangking sekolah terbaiknya adalah rangking 2 untuk seluruh sekolah dan kelas.

Tipe cewek na doi juga kagak neko2. Coz, Onew gak punya tipe ideal untuk cewek idamannya, soalnya Onew sendiri mikir kalo setiap itu pasti punya daya tarik masing-masing.


My old one is gone and I though I make a new favorite better with all members. Why are they my favorite Girl group well cuz they are the reason I fall in love with Kpop music the first song I ever heard of them was flower Power I was amazed by their Voices and their beauty: What don’t blame me korean girls are so pretty they are goddesses: Anyway I miss them as the whole group and hope they make a comeback soon as a group please SM: Let’s move on to the members the Queen of queens the creme do la creme:

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Grup ini terdiri dari sembilan anggota: Girls’ Generation sudah mulai menarik perhatian di awal karier mereka lewat lagu-lagu seperti “Into the New World” dan “Kissing You”, namun baru pada tahun mereka meraih popularitas yang signifikan lewat singel “Gee”, yang kemudian dinamai sebagai Song of the Decade di Korea Selatan. Grup ini semakin memantapkan posisi mereka di industri musik Korea dengan singel-singel berikutnya seperti “Tell Me Your Wish Genie “, “Oh!

Pada tahun , mereka kembali ke kancah musik Korea dengan lagu “The Boys” yang dirilis dalam tiga bahasa: Korea, Jepang, dan untuk pertama kalinya, Inggris. Dalam rentang waktu lima tahun, grup ini telah berhasil menjual total sebanyak 4,4 juta album dan 30 juta singel digital. Sisa Journal menamakan grup ini sebagai entertainer paling berpengaruh pada tahun dan , menjadikan mereka sebagai grup wanita pertama dalam sejarah yang berhasil masuk daftar tersebut.

The Year’s Best Celebrity Couples And A Few Not Meant To Be

So far it has been a good year for celebrity couples and sadly also a year for a few break-ups. In fact the number of couples who announced they were dating and are still dating is equal to the number who broke up. He expressed his admiration of her in public a few times and yet it still came as a surprise that the Yoona, who starred in “The Prime Minister and I” was dating Lee Seung Gi, who now appears in “You Are All Surrounded.

Barely a few days later it was revealed that fellow Girls Generation member Choi Soo Young was also dating an actor. The actors had been dating for a few months when they were photographed out on a date together.

Yoona SNSD Bertarung Kendo di Eps 6 ‘Prime Minister and I’ Yoona Girls’ Generation tampaknya benar-benar total berakting di serial “Prime Minister and I”. Setelah menunjukkan kemampuannya berbicara dalam Bahasa Spanyol, kini Yoona menampilkan kemampuan bela dirinya di episode ke

Prime minister and i bercerita tentang seorang wartawan bernama Nam da jung diperankan oleh im yoon ah dari agensi new scandal, sebuah agensi yang membahas tentang skandal skandal yang di lakukan para artis. Sementara itu, dilain sisi. Seorang calon mentri Kwon yul diperankan oleh Lee Bum di jadikan target selanjutnya. Nam da jung di haruskan mencari tau skandal Kwon yul yang ternyata begitu dekat dengan sekretarisnya Seo hye joo diperankan oleh Chae jung ahn sementara ia sendiri hanyalah seorang duda yang di tinggal mati istrinya dengan 3 orang anaknya.

Berbagaimacam cara pun di lakukan Nam da jung untuk mendapatkan misinya itu. Sampai kemudian sebuah kesalah pahaman yang berlanjut pada pernikahan kontrak keduanya. Nam da jung selaku gadis biasa yang di haruskan untuk menjadi istri perdana mentri tentu saja merasa kesulitan, namun untunglah ada Kang in ho diperankan oleh Yoon shi yoon kepala staf keamanan Kwon yul yang selalu membantunya.

Sau 10 thành lập gia tài phim của SNSD có những gì?

Prime Minister Is Dating Genre: Lee So Yeon Screenwriter: Semua sibuk mempersiapkan ruangan, meja, makanan dan keamanan.

YoonA SNSD Dan Lee Seung Gi Tepat 1 Januari , para pecinta K-Pop umumnya dan SNSD khususnya gempar karena berita mengenai hubungan asmara antara YoonA dan Lee Seung Gi. SM Entertainment dan Hook Entertainment membenarkan jika keduanya sedang dalam masa penjajakan.

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Park Jung Min (SS501) and Lim Yoona (SNSD) Love Story

A Career Song debuted in the entertainment industry in when she won the Grand Prize in SunKyung Smart a school uniform company when she was finishing her third year in junior high school. It was not long until she starred in her first drama , Merry Morning. Since then, she would continue to star in a string of various dramas and sitcoms but it wasn’t until the KBS drama Autumn in My Heart in with Song Seung-hun and Won Bin that she rose to fame throughout Asia. In , her popularity continued to climb when she played a leading role alongside Lee Byung-hun in the gambling drama All In.

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Sports Seoul via Naver 1. While their family is buried under unthinkable sorrow, must you shove your cameras in their faces? Find strength, Leeteuk hyung. I get that they are in a rush to put out articles but that’s the least they can do. You really can’t predict life He was such a great person.

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Popular KPOP Girls

There was some romance but any whiff of comedy went right out the window thanks to Da Jung being so bloody obstinate about breaking up with Yul. It was countered by so much Yul awesomeness that it saved what might otherwise have been a fall. I haven’t had much success finding most of her clothes here. But if you’re interested in checking out what she wore anyway, read on.

This is the fur-collared.

Dec 30,  · Girls’ Generation visited the set of KBS 2TV’s ‘Prime Minister and I’ on December 29 to show their support for fellow member YoonA. Unfortun.

Jiyoon and Sua climb high Source: X Sports News via Nate 1. She’s not just good at rap, she swallows everyone whole. Jessi is needed in situations like this, what a shame that she’s not. Crying should not be a factor in judging Sua’s rap. Yezi was way better This is a competition to choose the best rapper, of course Yezi should’ve been chosen. I never once thought Sua was good at all. I knew that she’d be back. She’s so unlucky all the time.

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He suggested that the girls to introduce themselves like they had done in the past. The girls happily introduced themselves in their old nicknames like the kid leader Taeyeon, Ice Princess Jessica, and so on. The MC asked if these introductions are a bit embarrassing, and whether they would like to change them now. Then Jessica points out that it is Sunny who teases and pulls pranks at members.

The MC asks how it is to be a senior in the Korean music industry, and Jessica replies that there are less seniors around and more juniors to come and say hello to them. He continues to ask them about whether the members are interested in composing their own music, and Sooyoung replies that as she writes lyrics, she wants to compose the melody appropriate to her lyrics.

Caption: ☆ 광주 공연 안내☆ # 공연 정보 – 일시: 10월 8일(목) 저녁 8시 – 장소: 전라도 광주 Coboc Gout Reboot – 일정: 관객 7시 30분 입.

I didn’t know I like my school a lot Its very big and its very significant I’m not telling this bcuz i am a student of them I didn’t post last 2 days cuz the school was 7am to 5pm I will talk about the three day orientation 4th January 1st day of Orientation At around 6. It was so exciting It was also raining The moment I stepped into the school, the strange atmosphere aroused me Anyway, I headed to Canteen Sat on a chair

KBS Prime Minister the new drama series champion yoona snsd

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